Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has finally gone, yet these service men and women still don’t have the same rights or respect as those who also offered their lives. We are long overdue arriving at equality. 

So much for free speech - this is our future generation and people should try not to forget it!

In the month of Pride here is Boston showing its love!

Jay-Z discusses Gay Rights, Obama and the African-American vote. 


Obama endorsing Same-sex marriage!

The beginning of the beginning - the start of what I very much hope is greater things to come. This is an introductory thought of a more in-detail opinion and side of Smashing Doors - after all a tweet can never give you the full picture right?

So what is Smashing Doors maybe your first question? Well Smashing Doors is developed from two principles -  the first being that LGBT rights around the world are a basic human right, and that throughout the world LGBT citizens deserve to live with dignity, equality and away from fear, hatred and persecution. The second comes from a Harvey Milk quote - when talking about his possible assassination, he spoke of any bullet entering his brain to break every closet door on the way out. This is the namesake of Smashing Doors, however more than this it represents what he firmly believed - that if more people came out to their friends, family, neighbors and colleagues, and the more that people discussed LGBT rights - the more people would support them. Therefore the second principle is discussing LGBT injustices in the world, which is something that we can all do.

This is then not just an introduction but also an invitation, that together through discussion we can progress towards a world where no-body in the LGBT community is unequal. Let me highlight issues and voice my opinion while you allow yourself the time to make people know how you feel about it. Just like barriers need to be broken - so doors need to be smashed.

Stay tuned.